Nanomaterials synthesis and application (나노재료 합성 및 응용)

Template-based processes

Synthesis of 1D nanostructured materials over organic or inorganic template membranes via Electrodeposition & Electroless deposition for metals, alloys, metal oxides nanostructure


Electrospinning process

A method synthesizing 1D nanofiber as the electrified liquid jet (compose of a highly viscous polymer + inorganic precursor solution) is continuously stretched due to the electrostatic repulsions between the surface charges and evaporation of solvent.


Polyol process

Chemical synthesis of nanoparticles or supported metallic catalyst is possible via nanosized colloidal phase formation in liquid solution phase


Soft solution chemistry

Chemical autosynthesis process of various nanostructured materials (nanorods, nanowires, nanoplates, etc.) under mild condition like low temperature and low pressure


Sputtering process

A physical process whereby atoms in a solid target material are ejected onto the substrate due to bombardment of the material by energetic ions(i.e, plasma)


Anodization process for nanoporous membrane

Very highly ordered arrays of pores can be prepared on Al foil that is anodic aluminum oxide (AAO), in which the size and density of the hexagonal pore are readily controllable. The anodized nanoporous membrane can act as rigid mold for the chemically or electrochemically grown replica.


Graphene supported electrocatalyst

Graphene support is synthesized by wet-chemical method with thermal exfoliation of graphite. The various metals (Pt, Pd, Rh, Ru, Sn and Ni) supported on the graphene are prepared by impregnation method with a subsequent heat treatment in hydrogen atmosphere.


Contact printing methods

Fabrication of various 0-D nanostructured materials over many types of substrate surfaces via a simple printing method using carbon nanopost stamps.


Patterning of Nanowire arrays

The development of 3D efficient electrode system by designing well-ordered metal oxide nanowire patterns, which are directly synthesized on current collecting substrates