Fuel Cells & Electrochemical process (연료 전지 및 전기화학공정)

Current Status

  • Issues of global warming and energy security over fossil-fuel use
  • Growing interest on highly efficient fuel cells with renewable and clean energy sources
  • Problems to solve toward commercial applications: high cost and poor stability of electrocatalysts, polymer membranes, and MEA

Our Goals

  • Developments of alternative electrocatalysts from the expensive Pt-based to cheap non-noble metals-based nanocatalysts
  • Design and fabrication of MEA, i.e., the core part of a fuel cell, that is competitive in terms of performance, durability and cost


  • Design of nanostructured electrocatalysts for hydrogen- and alcohol-powered fuel cells
  • Synthesis and investigation of Pt-free or CO-tolerant electrocatalysts
  • Development of new and efficient fabrication methods of MEA and fuel cell system
  • First-principle calculation for searching effective materials for fuel cell systems
  • High-throughput screening, electrochemical study, and characterization through synchrotron XAFS analysis