Battery & Energy Storage (배터리 및 에너지저장)

Current Status

  • Increasing needs in large-capacity energy storage for mobile electronic devices and transportation vehicles
  • Breakthrough awaiting for a valid and cost-effective hydrogen storage materials for a successful fuel cell application
  • Issues in electricity and hydrogen storage: energy storage capacity, reversibility, kinetics of charging and discharging, cost of materials and fabrication

Our Goals

  • Developments of high performance electrode materials for battery and supercapacitor
  • Novel hydrogen storage materials meeting the USDOE benchmark of 62 kg H2/m3 & 6.5 weight % H2 for fuel cell vehicles
  • Hybrid systems between battery, supercapacitor, solar cell and fuel cell for versatile power sources


  • Chemical and physical syntheses of novel active nanomaterials with high surface area for energy density, low cost and long life time
  • Design of nanostructured materials for improved kinetics and reversibility (e.g., aligning 1D, layered 2D, and 3D channel)
  • Searching new enery storage materials through high-throughput study and theoretical modeling