Catalysis & Catalytic technology (촉매기술 및 환경촉매)

  • Catalysis and catalytic technology for energy conversion and environmental treatments
  • Catalytic oxidation/reduction processes for chemical conversions
  • Catalytic carbonylations for organic carbonate molecules
  • Catalytic hydrogenation/dehydrogenation for value-added chemicals
  • Catalytic or electrocatalytic CO oxidations (e.g., PROX, WGS)
  • Catalytic or electrocatalytic CO2 reductions
  • Novel catalytic technology combined with electro- and/or photo-chemical processes
  • Electrocatalytic biomass transformations for energy and value-added chemicals
  • Electrocatalytic oxidations/reductions of C1 gases (e.g., CO, CO2, CH4)
  • Electrocatalytic reactor systems of low temperature PEM reactor and high temperature SOFC reactor